About the Artist

Creativity, depth and feeling are the heart and soul of my work. It’s so much more
than just a painting on a feather. ~ Janet LeRoy

Janet LeRoy on her horse

Janet LeRoy was born in Denver, Colorado and always loved the great outdoors and all kinds of animals. She also loved to draw and experimented with several different art forms from leather carving to flower arranging before discovering feather painting. She started out by painting simple designs on plain white turkey feathers but soon she discovered wild turkey, macaw and peafowl feathers that made her “canvas” more interesting. Using acrylics and the finest brushes she could find, Janet began to paint her animals with very fine detail, paying special attention to the eyes, which in her opinion, give the animal it’s spirit. Her feathers are then mounted on deerskin and smaller feathers from various birds such as pheasant, guinea, emu, rooster and parrot are attached to the arrangement.

mensqirtOn her larger, framed works of art, Janet also adds gemstones and crystals with special meanings, such as love and power. The matting on these pieces is hand carved to match the shape of the feather and arrangement. For this, she enlisted the help of her husband, Steve, using a mat cutter that he invented himself. A custom frame completes the work.

Another option are Janet’s “Spirit Feathers”. Spirit feathers are individually hand-painted feathers depicting one animal or symbol and painted on a single turkey or Macaw feather. Each feather includes a card explaining the representation of the animal totem or symbol and packaged in a clear bag. These feathers have been sprayed with an acrylic mat finish to protect them and include a leather tie and wrap on the quill so that the feather can be hung by itself, with other artwork, tied to a hat or whatever you would like to do with it.

A limited number of small 8”x10” prints of her work are also available and may be viewed on her “prints” page.

Janet and Steve have been traveling the west, selling their work at art shows and festivals since 1992, winning numerous awards along the way. 
Janet and Steve now live in Hotchkiss, Colorado with a menagerie of animals, including horses, dogs, turkeys and a Scarlet Macaw named, Calypso.