Spirit Feathers

The feather symbolizes spiritual evolution and communication with the Universe. In Native American 
and other cultures, feathers represent Virtue, Truth and Power. Animals, too, represent many
things such as love and loyalty and our personal Animal Totems teach us something about ourselves,
our lives and our future. I’ve created these Spirit Feathers to give as gifts to special people
in your life. They can be given to remind your loved ones that they are special or kept as a gift to 
yourself to remind you of your own personal connection to the Universe. Each feather comes with
cards explaining the meaning of Spirit Feathers and the animal Totems represented in the painting.

For pricing information and detail, please click on each individual feather.

The images below are “samples only” of my spirit feathers.

Each spirit feather is individually painted and a similar item will be created for each order.

I can also paint spirit feathers as commissions.

Pricing for commissions may vary. You can contact me with your request.